Doctor Darius Bertrand

Slim man, caucasian, walks with a significant limp.


Slim man in his mid 40’s. The first thing that catches the eye is an ebony cane that is obviously bearing some weight. Dr. Darius Bertrand is dressed in an older fashion grey suit with black shoes. Weather-beaten skin and black hair match his black seeming eyes although a touch of gray adorns his temples above the ears. Dr. Bertrand sports a van dyke which, unlike his temples, has no grey in it at all. Darius walks with a significant limp, favoring his right leg. Dr. Bertrand speaks in a low earnest voice, accent betraying a possible United Kingdom background.

Quote: “There are perhaps things man was not meant to know. For those things there is me.”

Dr. Darius Bertrand

Concept: Occult Scholar; Virtue: Hope; Vice: Gluttony; Lineage: Ulgan; Athanor: Seraph


Int: 4; Wits: 4; Resolve: 2

Str: 2; Dex: 1; Stam: 4

Pre: 3; Man: 1; Comp: 4


Mental: Academics 1, Computer 1, Investigation 1, Medicine 3, Occult 4, Science 1

Physical: Athletics 1, Brawl 1,Drive 1, Survival 1, Weaponry 3

Social: Empathy 3, Socialize 1


Occult: Spirits, Ghosts; Empathy: Motivations


Encyclopedic Knowledge; Resources: 1; Meditative Mind


Translator’s Eye; Essence of Life 1; Helping Hand

Azoth: 3; Willpower: 6; Humanity: 5


He awoke to the sound of a storm. In the flashes of lightning coming through a broken window he was able to make out a rough room containing an unlit fireplace, bed, chest, desk with chair and a single door. Standing slowly with a slight grinding he made his way to the window. Rain obscured the distance but close by he could make out a rather old truck in front of trees. Glancing back to the desk he made out a note on top of a stack of books that had a single word on it.


So he did, for days. He learned much that he did not know. He had been created for a reason that his creator left no word about although he was given a name: Doctor Darius Bertrand. He learned much of the minutia that he would need to pass as “human”. The chest contained food (which he ate) and clothes (which he wore). He learned of several histories of the world he now found himself in which only left him hungry to learn more.

He eventually discovered a hidden cache after reading all the books. Inside was a journal whose language was indecipherable but he could, on occasion, make out some meaning to the symbols. Also inside were ID, keys, a small bank book and a map with San Diego circled.

He left.

Doctor Darius Bertrand

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