Vincent J Pelliato


Vincent J. Pelliato is about 5’ 10" and appears on the skinny side. His build is wiry though, and he does move with a degree of grace that most mortals seem to lack. He has wavy, dark hair with hints of grey and the blue eyes that are not uncommon among northern Italians, but he looks rather average. He appears to be around 35 years of age.

Vincent tends to stay in the background when people meet him; he seems unobtrusive and somewhat passive. People who have met him have forgotten him at times, while others have described him as “bland” or “forgettable”. This gives pause for thought as he has been known to whisper the right word or phrase here or there to get people to change their minds or to assist him in a task.

Vincent is known to both Courts, though he is a member of neither. He prefers to remain neutral and to sell his services to the highest bidder. Currently, his services have been engaged by the Krynnin Corporation, where he has served as an Operations Consultant for the past eight years.

Vincent’s history is considered somewhat spotty to most in the Courts. Some of the elder vampires know him as Joseph Lizato, a man able to relate historical information in great detail. Others in the Courts know “the Canadian native” (as he periodically claims) as a linguist. Some historians even swear that he was or looks like Vinnie Pellini, a hitman who worked the east coast shortly before the turn of the (20th) century.

Vincent is known to speak English, Italian, Latin, French, German, and Portugeuse. He is considered to be somewhat skilled and very lucky with various weapons. Finally, he is known for his seemingly-firsthand knowledge of modern Western history.

Vincent J Pelliato

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