Anders Gwarolffson

A tall, burly blond man, with ruddy skin and thick blonde hair and beard, dressed in casual clothes


Anders is a tough, no-nonsense enforcer for the Day Court. He has brought a number of Night-side miscreants to task for various misdeeds, and has even received permission to execute offenders on three occasions. Anders successfully carried out the sentence on all three criminals.


Anders was a Norseman who was among the first to settle in France during the Viking invasions; he was embraced early in the Norman rule, and played a key part in the invasion on England in 1066. Unfortunately, he ran afoul of a tribe of shapechangers when he led an expedition into the wilds of Britain, and spent nearly a century in torpor recovering from the battle. In the subsequent centuries, Anders has come to value the rule of law and the stabilizing force of civilization, eventually traveling to the Americas to help tame the wilderness, and has done his best to reign in his animalistic urges. Thus, he frequently enters torpor for a few decades to thin his blood and retain his ability to feed upon beasts. He keeps detailed journals in a mish-mash of languages, including Norse, Medieval French, and English, but with each long sleep, he loses a bit more of himself.


Anders has signed on with the Day Court because he sees it as a more orderly and civilized influence to counterbalance the savagery of the Night creatures. He takes his role as guardian of humanity seriously, and does his best to limit the damage that his enemies, his allies, and he himself do to the innocent.

Anders Gwarolffson

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