Detri Krynnin

Detri Krynnin stands a solid 6'4" and weighs in at over 270 lbs. His skin is dark mocha with his head shaved clean. He often wears stylish spectacles. Detri is almost never found without his dark three-piece Armani suits on...


WORLD AT LARGE What is known about Detri Krynnin to the mortal world at large is that he is a multi-millioniare who is the Chief Executive Officer of Krynnin Enterprises. His corporations take existing products from other companies before they are released and gives them a “makeover” from top to bottom, making improvements to the product by way of aesthetics, efficiency and making them “green-friendly”. He is known to be a fierce competitor in the industry and is extremely influential, but many really cannot place exactly why. Everything just seems to go his way…

AWAKENED WORLD Detri Krynnin is a Changing Breed, a “Were-kin” known as a Arubuike, one of The Land Titans. He is a near mythical beast whose kind is coming dangerously close to being extinct. Detri is also a player within the Night Court. To the world at large, his image is unassailable, but to the awakened world, they know he can be downright ruthless in achieving his goals. He has been given gifts at birth and he uses them to shape the world the way he wants it…even if it is supposedly for the “better”. Perhaps what is frustrating to many in the Night Court is that Detri Krynnin does not seem to care at all about Court politics. He has shown absolutely no interest in the politics and mechanations therein…unless they pertain to him specifically.

Detri Krynnin

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