• Detri Krynnin

    Detri Krynnin

    Detri Krynnin stands a solid 6'4" and weighs in at over 270 lbs. His skin is dark mocha with his head shaved clean. He often wears stylish spectacles. Detri is almost never found without his dark three-piece Armani suits on...
  • Doctor Darius Bertrand

    Doctor Darius Bertrand

    Slim man, caucasian, walks with a significant limp.
  • Fellin


    An insane, withdrawn boy who'll use any tool he can find
  • Hector Salazar

    Hector Salazar

    Hector is 5' 2", black hair, brown eyes and 120 lbs soaking wet. Normally dressed in frayed street clothes and sneakers.