Welcome to San Diego!

Night and Day is my attempt at a truly unified World of Darkness. It is a project I’ve been working on as a concept for a long time, but I haven’t had the chance to try it until recently.

Characters in the world play the Others, supernatural creatures just outside the sight of humanity. Any supernatural creature available in the New World of Darkness is potentially a viable character. Social constructions are the largest difference. Vampire Covenants and Mage Orders do not exist. The only large scale social structures are Courts, which use the same systems presented in Changeling: The Lost.

In San Diego, two Courts hold sway – Day and Night. The two are diametrically opposed in almost every way. The only things they agree upon are a few ground rules.

  • Masquerade – Others keep themselves secret.
  • Destruction – Though the two sides actively work against each other, the killing of any Other is forbidden unless sanctioned by that Courts King or his Representative.

Night and Day

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